Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scene - The Harewoods

I spent the entirety of my first watching of STID desperately concocting different theories than the “Benedict Cumberbatch is not so secretly Khan” inevitable outcome.  I came up with this:

Lucille Harewood has a little-understood genetic disorder. The doctors know that she inherited the mutation from her mother’s side, but despite the Federation’s significant advances in medical technology, it’s not well understood. Then John Harrison shows up, pops some blood into her future-space IV, and bam.  She’s cured.  

That’s when John Harrison kidnaps her.  

The rest of the movie becomes a high-speed chase as the Enterprise seeks to rescue the young Ms. Harewood from Harrison.  Meanwhile, Harrison (whose name is really John Harrison) shows the little girl all the abuses her father committed under Starfleet’s name.  He tells her horror stories about the Federation’s past.  And then, when she’s ready, he tells her about the Botany Bay.

Harrison was a member of the crew of Botany Bay, and the first one to awaken from cryogenics.  Thirteen canisters had failed during their long sleep, including the one of their fearless leader.  But Harrison’s directions are clear.  A few more generations have passed than originally planned for, but no matter.  Genetics reign among the Augmented; a leader must be born from leaders.  

Their history lesson is interrupted by the arrival of the Enterprise.  A great battle ensues, people die.  We can have a radiation scene if we want to, why not.  But two important things happen:  John Harrison dies, and Lucille is taken aboard the Enterprise.

Everyone is congratulating each other, cue the celebratory music.  The Enterprise is on her way home to have Lucille reunited with her mother.  Kirk and Lucille are sharing a quiet moment.  ”It was a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Harewood.”

"Harewood is my father’s name," she says.  “That’s not my name, not any more.”

"Oh?" Kirk asks.  

Close up of her face.  ”My name is Khan.”

Cut to black.

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John, I’m here. I’m back. Look at me, John.

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Oh My God. There has to be more to this. Maybe Ben doing Chewbacca?

This seemed like a good idea so



I really tried. Believe me, I really tried not to make another one, to behave, but couldn’t let this one pass. And kelicus asked me to make Smaug one, so… Sorry, this will be the last, I swear.


I love everything about this fandom.

Seriously, fandom. TWO MONTHS.

Did I say that I would stop making this things? Then scratch that. I saw somebody say “Where is Khan?” and suddenly this happened. Now I can’t trust myself any more, so forget what I’ve said.